Getting Started

1. Find and Explore

Connect with your Sponsored Research Officer to:

  • Develop project idea
  • Identify potential funders
  • Obtain application guidelines
  • Research funder mission and past awardees
  • Discuss project idea with program officer
  • Identify collaborators
  • Develop a timeline for proposal development

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2. Develop Proposal

Develop proposal narrative

Solicit colleagues for input on narrative drafts

Work with Sponsored Research Officer to:

  • Develop budget and budget justification
  • Obtain writing and editing assistance
  • Complete required forms
  • Review proposal for completeness and adherence to application guidelines
  • Navigate electronic submission systems

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3. Apply

Coordinate with  Sponsored Research Officer to:

  • Complete Proposal Approval Form
  • Finalize proposal elements for submission
  • Ensure compliance with university, UEI, and sponsor policies

Submission of proposal by Research Administration

Agency review (3-9 months)

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4. Award

Congratulations on your new award!

Upon award receipt, Research Administration will:

  • Review terms and conditions
  • Initiate account set-up
  • Schedule kick-off meeting with account administrator

Work with Sponsored Research Officer to obtain reviewer comments on unsuccessful proposals and discuss possible resubmission

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5. Project Management

Execution of project

Account administrator

  • assists with management of funds and ensures compliance with university, UEI, and sponsor requirements
  • facilitates hiring of project personnel and processing of expenses
  • coordinates development of consultant and subaward agreements
  • prepares financial reports

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6. Closeout

Final technical/ programmatic and financial reporting

Dissemination of research results

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Research Integrity and Compliance

Coordinate with research integrity and compliance staff to ensure compliance with university, state, and federal regulations in the areas of human subjects protection, animal care and use, conflict of interest, export controls, intellectual property, and responsible conduct of research.